My Rights My Wrongs My Care And My Harm


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When I was a kid my mother had these boxes full of soul 45's. I would sit and listen to those records for hours on end. When we started writing this ep I wanted to go back to those records in my mind to create our own psychedelic version of those memories. We hope you enjoy.

Cliff b and RBTS WIN


released June 9, 2018

Recorded by RBTS WIN at Tidal Prism Studios
Mixed and mastered by Justin Aswell
Art by Javier Bolea
Photo by Cliff B


all rights reserved



RBTS WIN Asheville, North Carolina

RBTS WIN’s music is many-faceted, both dark and ephemeral, tough and tender, scary and comforting. It’s a fantastic study of electronic, pop, rock, chillwave and soul that transcends all of those elements and surfaces in a new place. Lush, rhythmic, star-lit, cool and expansive it manages to both suck the air from the room and breathe into space. - Alli Marshall/Mountain Xpress ... more

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Track Name: Efortlessly
I spend my time so effortlessly
I live my life so effortlessly

I keep my mind so high I can’t come down
I keep my mind so wide there is no bounds
I feel it all the time inside myself
I hope I get more time inside this self
And I will own it theres no hoping
I will open up
I hope you cope with lonely moments
We all get em then the go

I spend my time like there ain’t no more left
I spend my time like this is all there is
Inside my mind is where I find myself
Surfing the lines that make up existence
And I could cope with lonely moments
We all get em then they go
And I could hone in to these moments
Where everything just opens up
Track Name: I Was Traveling (right in front of you)
Here I am pray it will be ok but really its you who is keeping me afloat.
In my arms I’m hoping that you’ll stay with me till I travel the end of the road
I can see the light sometimes it guides me along when I feel that I’ve lost my way
And I feel alright in my mind. Just traveling right here in front of you deep outer space.

I’ve been blinded been open minded
I’ve been the worst I’ve been the best
Hope you still see me when you are dreaming
Hope you’ll take me down to the grave
I found a picture and there was no glitter
There was no glitz there was only shade
But you were beaming could see love streaming
Right off the paper to my face

I feel righteous but not in gods likeness
There is no hell anyway
Instead I’m leaning towards all the meaning
Being love you spread throughout the day
In my minds picture we all deliver
We have no boundaries in our way
And we love freely
We are the meaning
We are the night we are the day
Track Name: Give It Up
I sail away to the stars
I sail away to the great beyond

I’ve lived life right and wrong
I’ve given up on hope
I’m glad to sing these songs
So glad you didn’t ever give up on love
Awake to meet the sun
Give thanks take light send love
Rejoice and hum along
So glad you didn’t ever give up on love

I’ve let my mind just roam
Open the door and gone
Its never coming home
So glad you didn’t ever give up on love
Behind my eyes is god
My mind the temple of
Hope and cope and so much
So glad you didn’t ever give up on love
Track Name: Care And Harm
I own all my rights I own all my wrongs. I own all my care I own all my harm.

Sometimes I wake up look in the mirror and face god
I’m glad to make my bed and lie in it with no fear of wrong
I’m owning these moments now
No regrets. no sad crown. no sad crown.

Sometimes I fake it look in the mirror and act on
I try to pull myself up out of it but the beast it holds on
I’m hoping. mind floating now
I’m open. Time blacks out. Time blacks out.

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